World Congress on Advanced Genetics

Sep 29-30, 2020


Tokyo, Japan



The Conference aims in bringing all the eminent person of this field together to share their ideas and provide a critical review on the topic “ADAVANCED GENETICS”. This conference is going to held on September 29-30, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

Theme Of The Conference "REVOLUTION IN ADVANCED AND FUTURE GENETICS" gives new approach to genetics. It includes aiming on the principles of modern or future genetic analysis.

Genetics 2020  offers a platform to scientific community for sharing new thoughts and new advances among the people from look into topics of Advanced Genetics to share their on-going developments and applications. The Conference will have a space for organizations  to display their administrations, items, advancements and research comes about.

This conference  includes  hearings from  experts in genetic  research, Personalized & Targeted Medicine.


In the last few years,  genetics has permeated all features of biology so that it has occupied a great significance in biology as a whole. On the one hand, genetics is the branch of biology which deals  with the study of genes, genetic variation and heredity in organisms, while on the other hand it has provided the tools for the study of the biological processes examined, like plant physiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, ecology, microbiology, etc. 


  • Transmission Genetics 
  • Molecular and Biochemical Genetics
  • Population and Biometrical Genetics


Conference Name  Place Date
Advanced Genetics 2020 Tokyo, Japan September 29-30, 2020



  • To know more about the recent researches on advanced genetics.
  • To boost, encourage and motivate young researchers.
  • To create a relationship between academicians, researchers, experts and organisations.



  • Genetic Engineers
  • Professors
  • Geneticist
  • Scientists
  • Young researchers
  • Students
  • Molecular Biologists
  • Directors of Genetic Companies
  • Doctors

Why to join ?

• Meet Experts & Infuencers Face to Face

• Networking Opportunities

• Learning In a New Space

• New Technologies

• Greater Focus

• Have Energy of Like-Minded Individuals

• Investing on Yourself & finally have Fun!

Meet your “Subject Matter Expert” (SME): 

  • Subject Matter Experts will guide you in current Research & development.
  • They help you in research queries, content, identify the objectives, and ensure that your research is scientifically acceptable.


  • Genomics Market
  • 3D Structure, Epigenetics
  • Fuctional Genomics
  • Tissue Engineering and Bio-banking
  • Use of Genetics to DIssect Developmental Processes
  • Clinical Genetics


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Professor Tareq alasadi
Philadelphia university


Tareq Alasadi is a professor at Philadelphia university, Amman Jordon.

Researches :

  • Gene therapy and diabetics

Program Overview