Battery Forum and Energy Storage Technologies

Sep 18-19, 2019

London, United Kingdom

Conference On Battery Forum & Energy Storage Technologies

Battery Technology - “The Striking Change for the Energy Future”

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The future of the way we make, transmit, and use power rests heavily on the shoulders of energy storage technology. Energy storage is the leading research topic of today’s power industry, attracting greater levels of investment to find alternatives to the ever popular, and intensely fought-over, lithium resources. As global power demand grows, so does the necessity to find sustainable alternatives to accustomed battery storage systems – not only to extend smartphone and laptop life but also to power electric vehicles (EVs) and store energy from wind and solar sources.

Here, Battery Forum 2019 – becomes a must-attend event which Watts up the present and future of Battery & Energy storage technologies with the Theme: Futuristic Technologies in next-gen Batteries & Energy Storage Evolution.


Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries have long been the favorite power source for modern technologies, overtaking lead-acid batteries due to their longevity and energy density. This leads to a massive on-going research on Advances in Lithium-Ion Batteries and Going beyond Lithium.


Not only is the development of better, cheaper batteries critical for energy storage but it is also plays an important role for both the future of electric vehicles (EVs) and for the future electrical grid. Improvements in batteries are needed to increase the field of EVs, and cheaper batteries can help run down the costs of EVs so more consumers can afford them. Thus, immense attempts have gone into battery development in recent years. The effort is paying off, with prices for battery cells falling by 70% between 2012 and 2017, according to PV Magazine.

To meet this futuristic challenge and maximize the current opportunity within batteries we must come together as a community to integrate our knowledge across the entire community from Theory to Realization to Safety. This Battery Forum 2019 will gather the world's best executives, business professionals, researchers, scientists, engineers, and leading suppliers around the world. A robust, end-to-end showcase, this leading international event covers today's emerging advances in battery technology and energy storage techniques for the automotive, portable electronics, medical technology, military and telecommunications, and utility and renewable energy support sectors.

A golden opportunity to analyze the full spectrum of cutting-edge solutions that can create a smarter and cost-effective environment at a single platform. Attend this comprehensive research event at London,UK - discover the trends and interpret results.

Harvest your today to energize our tomorrow.



Conference Name Place Date

Battery Forum & Energy Storage Technologies

London, UK

September 18-19, 2019


Dr Yi-Lung Mo
Chair Professor
Environmental Engineering
University of Houston, USA


Dr. Y.L. Mo is Professor at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, University of Houston (UH). He is also Tsinghua Chair Professor, Institute of Future City and Infrastructure, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Dr John Goodenough
Chair of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin


He is known around the world for his pioneering work that led to the invention of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. He identified and developed the critical materials that provided the high-energy density needed to power portable electronics.

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