Euro Breast Pathology Immunopathology Conference - EBPIC 2019

Oct 23-24, 2019


Paris, France

Euro Breast Pathology & Immunopathology Summit

Euro Breast Pathology 2019:

It is our great pleasure and honor to extend to you a warm invitation to attend and participate in the Breast Pathology & Immunopathology Summit to be held at Paris, France. Euro Breast Pathology 2019 has become the premier platform not only for the presentation of new science, but also for unique networking opportunities. We encourage Doctors, Pathologists, physicians, nurses, other clinicians, researchers, scientists and students as well as patients and advocates in the field of Breast Pathology & Immunopathology Summit and those interested in any aspect of Diagnosis to attend this Conference. It is only through an exchange of the widest variety of research that we can offer the best program and benefits to our members and patients.

Euro Breast Pathology 2019 will be a great conference for sharing the latest insights of academic and industrial research as well as to experience the unique environment of Paris, a city which has been at the heart of the artistic, cultural, and scientific development since many centuries. Attending this conference will enable you to access unique, high-quality content, learn about the latest developments in Breast Pathology & Immunopathology Summit research from experts in the field, present your latest research to your peers and network with an interdisciplinary group from around the world - including academics and researchers, as well as health and industry professionals.

We thank you for your participation and look forward to seeing you in Paris, France.

Details of Euro Breast Pathology 2019 in Paris, France:

Conference Name Place Date
Euro Breast Pathology 2019 Paris, France October 23-24, 2019



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