Cardiology will be characterized as the main medicine concerning about the heart. The field of Cardiology has an enormous importance towards the health of living beings as nowadays cardiac disorders being the major effect towards the body functioning. Conducting research in the field of cardiology, one must have proper knowledge of the human body as well as with the present innovative researches and advancements done in this field. In the past few decades, massive transformations take place in the field of cardiology as old research methodologies have been replaced by the newer and better enlightenments about prevention processes. Cardiology is a wide field in the era of medicine which is interconnected with all body systems.

The major percentage of the world population now days were being affected by the cardiac disorders due to the improper intake of food as well as psychological disorders, globally it was surveyed that annually 17.5 million people die due to cardiovascular diseases, out of which over 80% of CVD deaths take place in middle-income and low-income countries. Estimation was being made that by 2030 almost 23 million people will die yearly due to cardiovascular diseases. The world’s top class scientists, doctors and surgeons and researchers are working and exploring the new innovations in cardiology field to prevent death from these causes.

Lexis organizes the experts meet of the cardiology field to bring the eminent persons of cardiology from all over the world on one platform through which the new innovations and research will be explored and reached in front of the world which is a huge benefit to every cardiac disorder survivor and every individual in the world to stay healthy.



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