Cognition and Artificial Intelligence 2019

Dec 09-10, 2019



Conference on Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Neural Networks

LexisConferences is pleased to announce its prestigious conference Cognition and Artificial Intelligence 2019 entitled ‘‘Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Neural Networks Congress’’ which will be scheduled in Singapore, Asia-Pacific during December 09-10, 2019. The ground-breaking series of Neuroscience, Computer Science, Cognition, Social Sciences, Data Science, Engineering, Medicine and Healthcare Conferences attract International Medical, Healthcare, Scientific experts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Industry professionals, and Business Entrepreneurs worldwide where cutting-edge Science meets Technology and Software business implementations.

Cognition and Artificial Intelligence 2019 is for extensive scientific and technology-based dialogue, both intra- and interdisciplinary, among Universities, CollegesAcademicians and department faculty, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Clinics, Industries through a variety of Distinguished lectures, Plenary sessions, Workshops, Symposiums, Oral and Poster presentations, Virtual/Video presentations and Webinars, Panel and Round table discussions, High-level executive briefings, and rock-solid Technical skills emphasize theoretical or empirical works relating to a wide spectrum of fields including but not limited to: Neuroscience, Neurology, Computer Science, Cognition, Social Sciences, Data Science, Big Data, Data Mining, Analytics, Engineering, Medicine, Healthcare, Psychology, Philosophy, Psychiatry, Cognitive Science, Humanities, Engineering, Robotics, Information Technology, communication, control, computing and many more. 

Cognition and Artificial Intelligence 2019 aims to gather professors, lecturers, assistant and associate professors, algorithm and perception engineers, research and machine learning scientists, data scientists and data engineers, program and product managers, innovation officers and business leaders, research scholars, junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students, neurologists, neuroscientists, neurosurgeons, nursing experts, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health professionals, therapists, counselors, physicians, clinicians, social workers, educationists, academic administrators and professionals who come together to share ideas and to explore the most essential—and intriguing—topics and the latest technologies, interventions, trends and concerns in the multidisciplinary fields of Neuroscience, Computer Science, Social Sciences, Data Science, Big Data, Data Mining, Engineering, Medicine, Healthcare, Cognitive Science, Humanities, Engineering, Robotics, Information Technology for learning and professional growth, collaborative commitment to excellence in patient care and advanced professional practice through.

We encourage submissions from presenters representing both clinical and research with a potential to inspire collaboration and knowledge discovery, both research-oriented and business-oriented in the medical science, computer science, engineering, technology, finance, business, industrial community, education and manufacturing, healthcare and insurance by introducing new and relevant concepts for interaction, exchange of ideas and networking among all the participants.

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Details of Cognition and Artificial Intelligence 2019 Conference in Singapore, Asia-Pacific:

Conference Name Place Date
Cognition and Artificial Intelligence 2019 Singapore, Asia-Pacific December 09-10, 2019
Dr Mojtaba Mafi
Tehran University of Medical Sciences


Dr. Mojtaba Mafi M.D., Medical Doctor/ Physician, graduated from Tehran university, School of Medicine with honour. He studied in neurosurgery ward and graduated with A score with thesis on Meningioma Brain Tumour during 6 years. He completed many post g

Researches :

  • Alzheimer disease, CNS Tumor Guideline, Brain Tumor Immunotherapy, Behavioral change in Brain Tumors

Program Overview

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