Diabetes Metabolism Summit 2020

Aug 24-25, 2020


Vancouver, Canada

                                   Diabetes Metabolism Summit 2020

“Diabetes Metabolism Summit 2020” is going to be held on August 24-25, 2020, in Vancouver, Canada is organizing based on the theme “Limelight on Current Investigations, Treatment and precautionary maneuvering for Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases

The milestone of the Diabetes Congress 2020 will be the gathering of international professionals and investigators to consider the current situations and case studies, future innovations and improvements on the topic of Diabetes and Endocrinology. All the selected sessions will have sub-sessions which make the event more understandable and all the vital information will be discussed. Since the Diabetes Congress 2020 is taken for two days, the sessions will be on point which comprises the topics of Diabetes and Endocrinology.

David P Cistola, MD, PhD
Professor and Director
Center of Emphasis in Diabetes Metabolism
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center El Paso

Fauzia Moyeen
Diabetes Wellness Centre, Canada

Program Overview