International Forum on Battery and Energy Storage Technologies

CPD Accredited

Sep 18-19, 2019

London, United Kingdom

Battery & Energy Forum 2019

Battery & Energy Forum 2019, which is organized by LexisConferences Group of Conferences, welcomes you to attend the Conference in "London, UK" during "September 18-19, 2019". The meet will focus on the theme "Doubling the Global rate of Improvement in Energy Technologies".  

Battery & Energy Forum 2019 assures its attendees of a platform, perfect for the exchange and sharing of invaluable knowledge, research findings, and experiences that can happen with clarity as that of a crystal. Energy in Technological innovation can be a great enabler for development in low and middle-income countries. This course presents a methodology and an approach to develop impactful innovations that have the power to foster sustainable development.

The future of energy is brilliant, as innovative headways keep on being made, assets keep on being revealed, and STEM activities keep on developing. Attending energy meetings is outstanding amongst other approaches to remain fully informed regarding the most recent headways in energy and to share your challenges and find out about solutions from industry pioneers. Our event picks highlight creative projects, driving associations, and solutions for meeting increasing demands and wellbeing concerns.

The global research in the energy market is projected to reach a market size of USD 7,110.1 million by 2023, at a CAGR of 78.32%, from an estimated USD 394.3 million in 2018. This growth can be attributed to the Increasing popularity of the research technology in the energy sector, the need to manage infrastructure and other business functions through high transaction speeds and immutability, and the rising security concerns across the globe.

With members from around the world focused on learning about Energy Technology and Innovation and their relations and its advances; this is the best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Technology and Economy. Conduct presentations, distribute information, meet with current and potential scientists, make a splash with new researches and its developments, and receive name recognition at this 2-days summit on Battery & Energy Forum 2019. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, developments and the newest updates in Technology and Innovations are hallmarks of this conference.


Conference Name



Battery & Energy Forum 2019

London, UK

September 18-19, 2019

Alexander Gorin
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics
Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus


Alexander Gorin is a professor of Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus. Due to his achievements he has been awarded PhD degree in Engineering Science, the higher post-doctoral Doctor of Science degree, and an Academic title of Professor.

Researches :

  • manufacturing and machining of advanced ceramics, fundamental heat and mass transfer studies in porous media and fluid mechanics of separated flows, biofluidmechanics, multiphase systems, transport phenomena in living systems
SM Shamsuddin khaled
Director at GC OperationMaintenance


Shamsuddin is Professionally in Energy, Environment & Advanced Aerodynamic Specialist as he holds numerous Corporate Advisory Positions ,Professional Affiliations ,consultancy work for companies and has given expert advises for many conferences.

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