Environmental Microbiology

Aug 26-27, 2019

Toronto, Canada

Environmental Microbiology & Soil Microbiology Summit

Environmental Microbiology and Soil Microbiology conferences are devoted to bringing scholars, pioneers and global leaders on the unique international platform to discuss the novel findings and understandings along with facts and factors that microbes have a significant and continuous contribution to maintain sustainable conditions are reasonable for various forms of the life on this earth.

"Bacteria are the dark matter of the biological world with 4 million mostly unknown species in a ton of soil"

— Edward O. Wilson


Environmental Microbiology addresses fundamentals of microbial processes and microbiological principles in environmental microbiology including Biodegradation, Biotransformation, Biodeterioration, Bioremediation, Bioaugmentation, Decompostion Sustainable Energy, Environmental Toxicology, Treatment of Waste, Biogeochemical Cycles, Extreme Environments, Biofilms, Antimicrobial Resistance, Quirum Sensing, Microbiota, Microbiome, Renewable Energy, Agriculture and etc.

Accomplished scientists are significantly contributing to Environment, Medical & Clinical Diagnostics, Applied Sciences, Health-care, Nutrition and etc. in thirsty with passion to develop and produce the distinct products: Vitamins, Proteins, Enzymes, Antibiotics, Probiotics, Prebiotics Nutraceuticals, Cheese, Breaking Products , Beverages, Disinfectants, Biofertilizers, etc. are developed either from engineered microbes or naturally existing next to our surroundings.


To exchange and enhance the knowledge for continuous professional development we pleases to invite the proposals focused on the theme Exploring the influence of microbial factors and facts on environment and health of experts from extent and Interdisciplinary fields of Applied Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology.

This unique platform also facilitates upcoming scholar presentations and student poster presentations to ever-increase the technical skills of the coming generations to enhance the scientific approach by showcase the cutting edge knowledge available around the world bringing at this international platform.

Scientifically compiled technical sessions allow scholars from convergent fields of Environmental Microbiology (Microbial Ecology) to exchange their tremendous findings, inventions with the world through Environmental Microbiology and Pu Microbiology Summit which is going to be held during August 26-27, 2019 in Toronto, Canada.

Details of Environmental & Soil Microbiology Summit in Toronto, Canada:

Conference Name Place Date
Environmental Microbiology Toronto, Canada August 26-27, 2019

Program Overview