Functional Food 2019

CME Accredited

Oct 23-24, 2019

Tokyo, Japan

Taking food beyond the concept of survival, nutrition is the very important part of it. And functionalizing the food towards the personalized nutrition needs together with the benefits has coined the term “Functional Foods.”

Food and Nutrition Team @ Lexis conferences is pleased to announce the “The Functional Foods Forum Fall Meeting” slated to be in the city of Tokyo, Japan during October 25-26, 2019.

The Functional Foods Forum Fall Meeting will be going with the theme “Valuing the Nutrition: Defining the Food Nutritive Value”.

The concept of functional foods have reached beyond just the added medicinal benefits and the associated health outcomes, and spanned into the food science gamut by conceptualizing the holistic view of health and fitness.

The developments in the consumer awareness has acted as a whistle blower in the functional foods market space and given the much needed regulatory angle into the product development perspectives. The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and the concept of good food for good health has imparted the required clinical view to the scientific area of food and nutrition.

The Functional Foods Forum is looking to ground experts from the scientific area of food science and nutrition technology, functional foods, probiotics and prebiotics, neutraceuticals, Food technology and healthcare, and will be covering the major scientific sessions including, but not limited to:

Details of Functional Food Conference in 2019:

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            Functional Food 2019

        Tokyo, Japan

      Oct 25-26, 2019