Gastroenterology is often considered as a specialised area that has the opportunity to develop a sub speciality in digestive health. It relies on its exceptional diagnostic capabilities with a multidisciplinary approach in pathology, endoscopy, radiology and nutrition.

Gastroenterology includes broad topics focused on specific areas like inflammatory bowel disease, the upper GI tract and colonoscopies, Pancreas, Liver and endoscopy.

Despite an increasingly complex healthcare system treating digestive diseases like chronic Liver disease, Pancreatic biliary Diseases, Hepatocellular Carcinoma is an emerging challenge.

With an interest to provide a forum for exchange of scientific and clinical information Lexis Conferences has facilitated a common platform uniting gastroenterologists, surgeons, paediatricians, oncologists, nurses ,clinicians and nutritionists to present their  research and discuss current challenges and innovations in the field of gastroenterology. This scientific meeting provides networking opportunities through promotion of scientific presentations and publications.

To this end, the scientific program will be fully integrated with interactive sessions, symposia, and workshops as well as the presentation of oral and posters, addressing all areas of gastroenterology

Lexis Conferences also feature product exhibitions that generate networking opportunities for all attendees.



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