Geosciences and Natural Resources 2019

Dec 06-07, 2019


New York, United States of America

Conference on GeoSciences in 2019

“​​​LexisConferencesConferences proudly invites conventioneers across the globe to Geosciences Earth Science and Natural Resources 2019 during December 06-07, 2019 at New York, USA which includes prompt keynote presentations, oral talks, poster presentations and exhibitions. LexisConferencesConferences organizes conferences all over USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific of Global Events .

Geoscience is the scientific study of the planet Earth and its many different natural geologic systems.  It includes the study and investigation of Earth’s minerals, soil, water and energy resources: how Earth’s natural systems work today, how they operated in the recent and ancient past, and how we expect they may behave in the future. Geoscience is real-world science,relevant to us all, everyday.Our Earth has been around for more than four billion years so there’s a lot of information to work with. Some geoscientists work in a traditional broad area of Earth science like geology, geophysics geochemistry and environmental geoscience. Others practice geoscience in one of many specialized areas, such as volcanology volcanoes, paleontology fossils or geochronology age-dating rocks; orthey work in a new emerging discipline such as medical or forensic geology. 

What’s important to remember is that there are many different types of geoscientists and different forms of geoscience practice and Geologists study some of society's most important problems, such as energy, water, and mineral resources; the environment; climate change; and natural hazards like landslides, volcanoes, earthquakes, and floods.

Importance and Scope:

Ways to deal with cooperate in setting up quality exercises all through the general prosperity and sustenance explore. Individuals can expand direct access to a middle horde of specialists and boss and can assemble detectable quality through checking and frameworks organization at the social affair . Learn and discuss key news and challenges with senior level speakers. With presentations, board trades, roundtable talks, and workshops, keynote introductions, we cover each subject totally, from overall huge scale issues to approachs to vital issues.

The Earth sciences will become increasingly prominent in the 21st century as humanity confronts daunting challenges in finding natural resources to sustain Earth’s burgeoning population, in mitigating natural hazards that impact huge populations and extensive built infrastructure, and in achieving sustainable environmental stewardship in the context of an evolving Earth habitat.

The Earth sciences in the 21st century have great potential but also great challenges. The importance of the discipline is being propelled to high priority by the pressures of population growth, a quest for sustainability of living standards, and demonstration of the feedbacks on Earth’s geosystems caused by human activities.

Members Associated with Geology Research:

People are associated with geological research with many individual institutes, Associations & Societies, Government bodies, in that most of them are Professors, Post-doc’s, PhD students along with individual scientists and also some of the museums are joining their hand in the field of geological research

Major Geological Associations in USA

Centre of Meteorology and Seismology America

Geoscience Society Geological Society of America

Association of Mining and Metallurgy Engineers USA

Target Audience:

The conference is targeted at all interested Professors, Geologists, Young researchers, Students, Eminent persons from different Geological Association and Societies. Directors, CEOs, Managers of different companies related to geology from all over the world.


    Academia 40% Industry 35%   Associations 15% Government 10%

Details of Geology Conference in 2019, NewYork: organizing Geo Sciences Conference in 2019 in USA. We organize Natural Science Meetings in the fields related to it like Earth Science.

Conference Name Place Date
Geosciences 2019 New York, USA December 06-07, 2019
Dr Ernest Berkman,
Emerald Exploration Consultants, Inc


Ernest Berkman graduated from the Colorado School of Mines, Geophysical Engineer, 1958. He worked for Mobil Oil for 20 years and then started EMEX. At EMEX, his experience includes prospect analysis and regional geological/geophysical studies including re

Researches :

  • Geology and Geophysics
HOD Associate professor
SNCollege, Kollam

Researches :

  • Dr. Sainudeen Pattazhy embodies several personalities- Environmental scientist, science manager,educator, author, and communicator- all rolled into one. There are few Indian scientists who have done so much in so many different fields, and have done it with such fervour. Due to the efforts of Dr. Pattazhy, NASA named a minor planet after his name called 5178 Pattazhy planet in 2008. First Keralite who got planet name. He became part of world history. Later, he became popular as one who could explain science in laymans language. His appearance in the television and newspaper made him almost a public icon. He developed his own unique style of explaining environmental issues and science. He is a member of Environmental Association India
Prof Adilkhan Baibatsha

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