Oct 23-24, 2020



Conference on Graphene and 3D Printing Technology in 2020


Graphene 2020, which is organized by LexisConferences Group of Conferences, welcomes you to attend the Symposium in Singapore during Oct 23-24, 2020. The meeting will focus on the theme “Bringing Ideas to Reality - The World Beyond 2D’’.

The Graphene 2020 conference provides its participants with a forum that is ideal for exchanging and sharing valuable knowledge, research findings and experiences. Graphene & 3D printing can be a great enabler of growth in low- and middle-income countries in technological innovation. This course provides a strategy and framework for creating impactful technologies capable of promoting sustainable development.

With members from around the world focused on learning about Graphene, 3D printing, Advanced Materials, Two-Dimensional Materials, Energy Technology, and their relationships and advances; this is the greatest opportunity to reach the Technology and Economy's largest assembly of participants. Conduct presentations, distribute knowledge, meet current and potential scientists, splash with new research and innovations, and earn Identity to your name at this two-day Graphene 2020 summit. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, developments, and Innovations are highlights of this conference.

In recent, Graphene is showing up in the most emerging technologies i.e. Energy storage and its Conversion. 3D Printing of functional parts in Graphene is becoming the best beneficial way for many sensors, aerospace, heat management, and battery industries. This international event will address the technologies of today including materials beyond Graphene, Innovations in Graphene & 3D printing, manufacturing technologies, Nanoworld in Graphene, Applications in energy and medical.

Details of Graphene Conference in 2020 in Singapore, Asia organizing Graphene Conference in 2020 in Singapore. We Organize Semiconductors Meetings in the fields related to it.

Conference Name Place Date
Graphene Conference 2020 Singapore, Asia Oct 23-24, 2020

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