VIP 2019 - Vaccines, Immunology, Parasitic Diseases

CME ACPE Accredited

Sep 20-21, 2019

Barcelona, Spain

VIP 2019 - Vaccines, Immunology, Parasitic Diseases

VIP 2019 is going to flash with the theme "Past, Present and Future Trends of Vaccines Era – Analyzing, Developing and Treating" which brings together eminent Academicians, Scientists, Research Scholars, Business Executives, Technologists & Students to share their experience, gain and evaluate emerging technologies in Vaccines, Immunology & Parasitic Diseases across the globe.

This conference is focused on potential combination therapies and development of new technologies to elucidate novel targets and/or biomarkers that will be used to design new treatments and enable appropriate patient selection to improve clinical outcomes for all diseases. The conference will bring together leading and emerging scientists to advance the development of new immune-based treatments. Discussions will also consider the future directions of the field, including the identification of the most pressing unanswered questions, the areas needing more focus, and those that would benefit from new approaches and methodologies developed and used in other related fields.

VIP 2019 conference is comprised of keynote forums, scientific sessions, Exhibitions, workshops, symposia and poster presentations where the most recent developments in Vaccines, Immunology & Parasitic Diseases research will be discussed.

Program Overview