Euro IndusChem 2019

Jul 19-20, 2019


Zurich, Switzerland

Euro Industrial Chemistry and Water Reclamation



It is our boundless privilege to invite each one of you to our “Euro Industrial Chemistry and Water Reclamation 2019” which is scheduled to held at Zurich, Switzerland on July 19- 20, 2019.  We are orchestrating a conference where industry, academia and government agencies are contributing to existing mastery & collaborating to nurture subject knowledge and accelerate innovations in the field of Chemistry and Water Treatment. 

Euro IndusChem 2019 spreads a broad scope of fundamentally critical sessions from essential research to on-going developments. It is particularly based on learning and sharing knowledge on current research and enormous applications of Industrial Chemistry and Water Treatment.  Research Professors in the field of Chemistry, Junior/Senior research colleagues, Students, Directors of chemicals research organizations, Chemical Engineers, Members of Chemistry/Chemical Sciences affiliations and exhibitors from chemicals Industry. Delegates from various pharm & instrumental companies from all over the world are welcomed to Euro IndusChem 2019. Several practical examples of innovative and efficient resource recovery & upcycling from the water cycle will be presented.


Circular economy revolves around an efficient management of raw materials, including energy and water. Industrial chemistry has brought a tremendous change in the way the things operate. It is imperative for us to comprehend the significance of the chemical industry which has touched all our facets of life like Chemicals used in petroleum and water supply, organic metallic compounds, environment, food, hygiene, decor, re-cycle, agriculture and petroleum oil refinery.

The exploration advancement and financial development play a major role in the production of polymers and plastics, safe water supply, hazardous waste management, food, agricultural development, pharma industries.

Water is and will continue to be the key natural resource of the twenty-first century in all nations, large and small. While the agricultural sector is the largest user of water, its use for human consumption and in industrial processes is truly vital. A wide variety of equipment and chemicals are involved in cleansing water and wastewater; we no longer consider waste and wastewater only as waste products that need to be treated and processed, but also as a source of sustainable energy, resources and clean water.

In this Euro IndusChem 2019 conference, several practical examples of innovative and efficient resource recovery & upcycling from the water cycle will be presented.



In 2015, the water treatment technology market size was valued at $145,082 million and is expected to witness a steady growth to reach $192,715 million by 2022, expanding at a CAGR of 4.1% over the forecast period. Water treatment technology deals with the removal of impurities present in water during its use or storage and converts it into a usable form. Global water treatment industry is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years, owing to the rise in awareness about water scarcity, growth in innovations in water treatment technologies, investments by key market players and government in R&D in this sector.


Pumps Coagulants & Flocculants Reverse Osmosis   U.S.A
Valves & Controls Antifoamants & Defoamers Ultrafiltration North America Canada
Automation Systems Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors Microfiltration   Mexico
  Activated Carbon Electro-dialysis   Germany
  Biocides Gas Separation Europe UK
        Rest of Europe
      Asia-Pacific China
        Rest of Asia-Pacific
        Latin America
      LAMEA Middle East


The 250 chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech company members of science industries contribute 45% of Swiss exports and constitute the country’s top export industry.



GLOBAL MARKET FOR 2016 2017 2018 2021 2022 2023 Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
Paints and Coatings     $191.9 billion     $150.5 billion 5.00%
Oilfield Process Chemicals     $28.4 billion     $35.4 billion 4.50%
Speciality Chemicals     $34.5 billion     $45.6 billion 6.20%
Defoamers   $3.1billion     $3.9 billion   4.60%
Synthetic and Biopesticides   $61.2 billion      $79.3 billion   5.30%
Industrial Detergents   $8.8 billion     $10.8 billion   4.20%
Agrochemical $213.2 billion     $266.0 billion     4.50%
Fluorochemical and Polymers £2.1 billion      £2.4 billion      2.30%
Flavours and Fragrances $27.1 billion     $37.0 billion     6.40%


 By 2030, world chemicals sales are expected to reach €6.3 trillion in 2030. But the EU chemical industry is expected to fall into third place, behind China, with 44% of the world market, and the US.



 The chemical industry generates 1.1 per cent of EU gross domestic product (GDP). The European chemical industry is highly successful. Traditionally, it has been a world leader in chemicals production. With 1.14 million workers and sales of €507 billion (2016), it is one of the largest industrial sectors and a leading source of direct and indirect employment in many regions.



Conference Name Euro IndusChem 2019
City & Country Zurich, Switzerland
Day 1 07-19-2019
Day 2 07-20-2019
Dr MRJayapal
Research Scientist
National University of Cordoba


Dr M.R. JAYAPAL received his Ph.D in Synthetic Organic Electrochemistry from Sri Venkateswara University in 2010 and done M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry from the same University in 2005. Present he is a Research scientist in National University of Cordoba.

Researches :

  • Synthetic Organic Electrochemistry
Hamid-Reza Bahari
Director of Center of Innovation for Green and High Technologies


Dr Bahari is founder and director of a private innovation center, CIGHTECH, focuses on generating innovative ideas, integrating collaborative research projects, high-tech project management, professional consultancy, discovering and mentoring new talents,

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