Why must visit Manama

Interesting Facts About Manama

Manama, capital and largest city of the state and emirate of Bahrain. This city offers an interesting mix of both Arabian and Persian cultures which shaped the history and way of life of its people. It is most populous with tourist attractions like Bahrain National Museum, Bahrain National Theatre, Qala’at al- Bahrain, Al Fatih Grand Mosque, Trees of life, Dilmun Burial Mounds, Sheikh Isa Bin Ali House, Beit Al Quran etc. Ahmed AlQaed, United Tower had an ambitious vision to create an architecturally striking spiral city incorporating retail, offices, hotel, and restaurants. The Bahrain National Museum in Manama contains local artifacts dating from antiquity, such as ivory figurines, pottery, copper articles, and gold rings, many of which reflect various cultural influences from outside Bahrain. The special festival (Spring of Culture) has an eventful schedule and hosts distinguished artists from Bahrain, Arab countries and across the world. Performances include music, dance, theatre, art, concerts and an array of other cultural activities that highlight both Bahrain’s rich heritage and the world’s cultures. Manama, a bright city with a rich culture, has an abundance of places to shop, including souks, which specialize in local handicrafts, and grand malls. The Bahrain National Museum has lots of interesting exhibits and showcases a number of the country's ancient artifacts. In Manama you can find numerous examples of modern architecture in addition to beautiful traditional structures. The prosperous economy of Bahrain is not solely reliant on oil, but it has diversified in sectors like education and tourism, evidently making it one of the sought-after destinations in the Gulf.


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