Mental Health and Wellness 2019

Sep 16-17, 2019

London, United Kingdom

“Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all.”  Bill Clinton



Mental Health and its related social stigma caught keen-eyed of academicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health societies and associations, philanthropists, scientific researchers, mental health centers, clinicians, practitioners, therapists, mental health professionals, social workers, entrepreneur and many more. The growing number of mentally ill patients attracted scientists, academician, mental health practitioners, clinicians, experts, and therapists attention to develop practices to cure mental disorder. In order to improve the quality of life of the mentally ill persons and to deliver wellness and wellbeing scientists, academician, mental health practitioners, clinicians, experts and therapists started focusing on all the prospects.

To explore the new world of happiness, mental wellness, mental wellbeing, positive psychiatry, and psychological education and to challenge the social stigma about mental health Lexis Conference is bringing Mental Health and Wellness 2018 on September 16 -17, 2018 at LONDON, the most mesmerizing city of England and United Kingdom.

Mental Health and Wellness 2019 is a multi-disciplinary program which will witness multinational representative from academics, business, philanthropy organizations, societies, communities, mental health professionals, mental health clinicians, mental health centers etc.  

Mental Health and Wellness-2019 is organizing by LEXIS. It will introduce you to the exceptionally accomplished academicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, professors, social workers, scientists etc. with their acumen. This conference will be organized under the theme “An initiative to improve mental health condition by introducing wellness and wellbeing practices” to bring a noticeable change in the world.  

Around 16 million populations in United Kingdom are suffering from Mental illness (psychiatric and psychological disorders). In UK suicide and self-harm is the leading cause of death between 20-34 age groups which clearly demonstrate the mental health condition of UK population. The London Mental Health Report; Greater London Authority January 2014 indicate that around every year £26 billion of economic burden received by London. It is the total sum of economic and social costs involved in mental health care.

Mental Health and Wellness – 2019 will provide a platform to exchange innovative ideas among psychologists, psychiatrists, academicians, physicians, clinicians, pharmacists, researchers, social workers, doctors, therapeutics, trainers, counselor, care giver, yoga, meditation and spiritual healers and many more.

Mental Health and Wellness – 2019 welcomes you all to join and present idea and research as a distinguished lectures, keynotes addresses, plenary lectures, workshops, symposiums, oral and poster presentations, exhibitions and special session, delegation.


Details of Mental Health and Wellness 2019 in London, UK

Mental Health and Wellness 2019 London, UK September 16-17, 2019





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