Microbiome and Applied Microbiology Conference

CPD Accredited

Sep 20-21, 2019

London, United Kingdom

Conference on Microbiome and Applied Microbiology in 2019 in London

Pitch Your Microbes

About Microbiome Meeting 2019:

WORLD MICROBIOME & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY will be the culmination of a thorough research process showcasing the most innovative emerging academics & Students with viable research that manipulates the microbiome. Active microbiologists, researchers, Scientists, pathologists, immunologists, scientists Principle investigators, Methodologists and pharmaceutical companies will also share their knowledge and perspectives on commercialization and discuss research in the microbiome space.

Microbiome & Applied Microbiology as the Alimentary Pharmabotic about people working together across the boundaries of traditional research sectors. It has created a lively trans-disciplinary environment with clinicians, clinician-scientists and basic scientists from diverse backgrounds working in teams, sharing ideas and resources. Although focused upon the magic and mysteries of the gastrointestinal bacterial community, the microbiota, the scale and scope of the work has become one of the fastest moving areas of biology, relevance to all branches of human medicine and veterinary science, and is of growing importance to the economic welfare of society.

The microbiota is not only a target for treatment and prevention of diseases it is a repository for functional food ingredients and even new drugs and is a source of novel biomarkers of disease risk. Researchers welcome collaborators from industry, large and small enterprises, indigenous and multi-national, and have extensive experience with the food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostic sectors. The scientific organization consists of a matrix of vertical pillars or themes of intellectual pursuit which are supported by multiple horizontal or shared technology platforms. This ensures freshness of ideas and support for intellectual curiosity while serving as a magnet to attract and drive industry-focused research. Microbiome Conference 2019 looks to the future with energy, enthusiasm, and confidence. Onward!

Why to Attend this Microbiome Conference 2019

  • Platform to access incredible speakers, experts and influencers face to face

  • Opportunity to grab tips and tactics from leading industrialists and eminent speakers in the fields of genomics, gene regulation, cell biology and development, evolutionary biology, fungal-host interactions, and biotechnology

  • Opportunity to share and explore your research ideas to be more productive

  • A chance to collaborate with global business delegates and researchers

  • This conference acts as a dais for introducing new ideas and approaches

Importance and Scope of this Microbiome Conference:

Microbial cells outnumber the human cells in the ratio 10:1 in a healthy human body. The human microbiome is the study of microbes present in the human body. These are beneficial microbes that carry out functions not performed by any gene in the human DNA and hence, they play a very important role in the human body. For example, these microbes produce certain vitamins that our body cannot make, break down our food, equip our immune system to recognize harmful foreign bodies, and produce anti-inflammatory compounds against it. 

On the basis of application, the global human microbiome market is segmented into therapeutic and diagnostic. Therapeutic use of human microbiome is increasing with research yielding new applications and usage of the human microbiome. The market is thus expected to be inclining towards therapeutic applications in near future. Moreover, microbiome products are considered to be relatively safe, which creates a highly conducive environment for the growth of human microbiome industry.

The human microbiome can also be analyzed based on the technology used for conducting research in this field. These technologies include cell culture technology, high-throughput technology, omics technology, and computational tools. Products used for research include instruments (analyzers and other laboratory instruments) and consumables (kits and reagents).

Market participants can also understand the human microbiome market dynamics through analysis for different health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, acute diarrhea, mental disorders, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and other diseases.

The microbiome market is in the stage and is rapidly emerging, with a promising future. The market is highly developed in North America and Europe, where product and technology are high among consumers, researchers and healthcare practitioners. Introduction of new products and microbiome modulators in these regions would propel market growth. There is high interest in incorporating microbiome modulators in food and dietary supplements of diet in order to supply the body with the missing dietary supplements. The microbiome technology and products would gain significant traction in the emerging economies of Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East regions. Growing product awareness, rising demand for safe medical products and increasing research activities would be the driving factors for microbiome industry.

The key players profiled in this report are Baseclear B.V., Clinical-Microbiomics A/S, Diversigen, Inc., Merieux Nutrisciences Corporation, Metabiomics Corp., Microbiome Therapeutics, LLC, Microbiome Insights, Inc., Molzym GmbH & Co. Kg, MR DNA (Molecular Research Lp), Openbiome, Shanghai Realbio Technology Co., Ltd, Rancho Biosciences, Resphera Biosciences, LLC, Ubiome, Inc., Zymo Research Corp., and others.

Applied Microbiology is a unique blend of primary and secondary research, with validation and iterations, in order to minimize deviation and present the most accurate analysis of the industry.

Rising demand of new technologies such as DNA sequencing, recombinant technology, fermentation,  we’ve seen tremendous growth and change in the industrial diagnostics industry, particularly in the food safety sector expertise in all aspects of the market, plus extensive experience in business management, strategy development and international business, microbiology test volumes, market values and methods used by food producers around the world, based on detailed interviews with more than 450 food production facilities in America, Europe and Asia, including Japan.

Key strategies adopted by the companies to increase global Applied microbiology market share includes mergers and acquisitions, strategic collaborations, outsourcing R&D, healthcare agencies and life sciences.

Based on the phenomenal grafting need to understand chronic diseases at a molecular level and develop novel therapeutic and diagnostic procedures will also motivate these organizations to fund in the microbiology sector.

Details of Microbiome Conference in 2019 in London, UK :

LexisConferences organizing Microbiome Conference in 2019 in London,UK. We organize Microbiota Meetings in the fields related to it like Human, Non-Human and plant Microbiomes.

Conference Name Place Date
Microbiome Conference 2019 London, UK Sep 20-21, 2019

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