Nano Engineering 2019

CME Accredited

Jul 17-18, 2019

Zurich, Switzerland

Global Conference on Nanotechnology and Materials Science Engineering

About the conference:
On this auspicious occasion, Lexis invites the participants from all over the globe to take part in the annual flagship conference, "Global Conference on Nanotechnology and Materials Science Engineering" (Nano Engineering 2019) at Zurich, Switzerland during July 17-18, 2019.

The theme of the conference "
A Spectrum of Opportunities and Success at Nano Engineering” highlights the interdisciplinary nature of Nanotechnology and scientific tracks designed for this conference will enable the attendees and participants to learn extremes.

Importance & Scope:
The innovative and emerging nanotechnologies have significantly reshaped the manufacturing, biotechnology, electronic, environmental and pharmaceutical markets. In-depth market analysis of these technologies as well as trends, forecasts and profiles of major players from different analytical reports from various analysts prove how valuable the growth of nanotechnology has become. Efficiency of nanotechnology have not only helped the development in different fields in science and technology but also contributed towards the improvement of the quality of human life to a great extent. All this has become possible with the different discoveries and inventions leading to the development of various applications.

Why to attend?
Lexis conference has taken the initiative to gather the world class experts both from academic and industry in a common platform at its Nanotechnology Conferences to share their recent research finding to the world and enlighten other esteemed delegates on latest trends in the field of nanotechnology. It aims to provide an opportunity for the delegates to meet, interact and exchange new ideas in the various areas of Nanotechnology.

Nano Engineering 2019 is an exciting opportunity to showcase the new technology, the new products of your company, the service your industry may offer to a broad international audience. It covers a lot of topics and it will be a nice platform to showcase their recent researches on Nanotechnology, Material Science and other interesting topics.

Target Audience:

  • Eminent Scientists/Research Professors
  • Directors of companies
  • Nanotechnologists
  • Pharmacists
  • Nano Scientists
  • Pharmaceutical Companies and Markets
  • Academicians
  • Nanotechnology Students, Scientists
  • Nanotechnology Researchers
  • Nanotechnology Faculty
  • Nanotechnology Associations and Societies
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Training Institutes
  • Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies
  • Nanotechnology Engineers
  • Industrial Professionals

Market Review:
The global market for nanotechnology products was valued at $22.9 billion in 2013 and increased to about $26 billion in 2014. This market is expected to reach about $64.2 billion by 2019; a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.8% from 2014 to 2019.The global market for nanotechnology-enabled printing technology was estimated to total $14 billion in 2013. The market is expected to grow at a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.7% over the next five years to total $31.8 billion by 2018.

Conference Name Place Date
Nano Engineering 2019 Zurich, Switzerland July 17-18, 2019

Program Overview