5th International Conference on Molecular Biology Nucleic Acids

Aug 17-18, 2020


Melbourne, Australia

Past Conference Update...

After Successfull Completion of Nucleic Acids 2019, October 07-08, 2019 at Chicago, USA under the expert guidance (OCM's) of Dr.Jean-Yves Masson (Laval University Cancer Research Center, Canada) and Lata Balakrishnan (Indiana University – Purdue University, USA) we welcome everyone again at Melbourne, Australia for Nucleic Acids 2020 edition.


Nucleic Acids 2020

LexisConferences is pleased to invite the contributors across the globe on its "6th International Conference on Molecular Biology & Nucleic Acids" which is scheduled at Melbourne, Australia during August 17-18, 2020.

6th International Conference on Molecular Biology & Nucleic Acids conference gives a chief stage to introduce and examine key disclosures in molecular biology, nucleic acids which have impacted nearly every facet of biology with wide-ranging implications for human well-being. The overarching long-term goal of this conference is to create a scientific environment conducive to cross-disciplinary talk and trade of new thoughts by bringing together the world's leading analysts with junior researchers, to enhance our understanding of the role of nucleic acids in biology, human health, and disease. Specific topics will include: Molecular Biology, Chemical Biology and Nucleic Acid Chemistry, DNA Replication and Genome Integrity, RNA/DNA Structure and Dynamics, Chromatin and Transcription, RNA/DNA in Cellular defence, Computational Biology, RNA/DNA Conflicts, Non-Coding RNAs, and Mechanisms of Signal Transduction, and special aspects of Molecular Medicine. The Nucleic Acids Conference is unique in bringing the RNA and DNA fields together in the field of Molecular Biology.

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