Nurses Forum 2019

Jul 19-20, 2019

Zurich, Switzerland


LexisConferences is proudly announcing and welcoming the Nursing students and Nurse professionals from all over the globe to grace your presence at World Nurses Forum to be held in July 19-20, 2019, at world’s favorite location in Zurich, Switzerland. Our event is mainly focused on "Discovering the Importance of Nursing for Future". All the delegates are cordially invited to discover new things happening and share your research and knowledge arising worldwide in the field of Nursing. This conference is stuffed with participants from all fields of Nursing to strengthen and share values for Future Nursing and Nurses.

Our platform will definitely benefit the attendees with best knowledge around the world and high profile networking opportunities to bag yourself for the future.This Forum targets the audiences mainly Nurses, Nurse Specialists, Academicians, Scientists, Advocate Nurses, Nursing Organizations, Nursing Societies and most importantly Nursing Students, Phd Graduates and all associated companies involved in the field of Nursing.

On behalf of LEXIS, Switzerland is greeting you warmly for this auspicious World Nurses Forum meetings going to be held in Zurich, 2019.

The demand of Nursing staff in European countries and all over the world is rising day by day. Many are facing a lot of shortage in nurses to optimize the healthcare needs. As per the recent statistics, France has shortage of nurses with 700 nurses per 100,000 inhabitants. From survey data company, Jobfeed analyzed over 1.5 million vacancies for nurses in the near future. This shows that there is significant demand and growth in market in the field of nursing. In Switzerland, currently there is a shortage of 50,000 nurses and this would be increased 25% by 2025. There is also a need to increase number of Colleges and Universities in Switzerland. In Future, more senior citizens globally require Long term care. Europe may be facing 1 million shortages of nurses by 2020. Hence LexisConferences took this as an initiative to discover new possibilities and innovations required in the Future of Nursing.

Note: The second round of Abstract submission is March 30th , 2019.

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