Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care Annual Conference 2019

Oct 18-19, 2019

Paris, France

Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care Annual Conference 2019


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Oncology Nursing 2019 is a worldwide event welcoming a large number of registered nurses, practitioners, and attendant experts in the field of oncology.    

We invite you to the official site of Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care Annual Conference 2019 scheduled on October 18- 19, 2019 at Paris, France. The conference revolves around the theme “Joining Hands in Nursing Oncology Patients with Advance Innovation”. The conference will be an expansion in experience for anyone involved in the healthcare education, as well as those who actively engage in educational programs and researches. The conference especially welcomes contribution from faculty, nursing and educationalists, academic administrators, senior education managers, practitioners, researchers and students.

This meeting is intended to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience of nursing oncology and cancer care workforce education worldwide.

Oncology Nursing 2019 will feature a substantial number of stimulating presentations through the two days event, including keynote presentations, plenary talks, young research forums and poster presentations and award-winning sessions as well.  Delegates will hear about the latest research or innovation in nursing oncology in a myriad of different contexts and will have the opportunity to actively participate in an interactive program.


Understanding new developments in oncology disease management

• Recognizing and describing acute and late adverse effects of cancer and its treatment

• Identifying complex patient needs across the cancer trajectory

• Demonstration of the understanding of advanced communication skills in oncology nursing care


Details of Oncology Nursing 2019:

Conference Name Place Date
Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care Annual Conference 2019 Paris, France October 18-19, 2019

Program Overview