Euro Palliative Care 2019

Sep 13-14, 2019

Venice, Italy

Annual Forum on Palliative Care Nursing & Pain Management

LexisConferences Is Proud to announce its Euro Palliative Care 2019 entitled Palliative care Nursing and Pain Management Conference organized in Venice, Italy. We are precisely cheerful to welcome you to our International Palliative Care conference and make it a Great Success. The Congress Guests will have the Chance of profit and promotion from Scientific Knowledge exchange in the form of Formal Meetings from dissimilar upbringings. LexisConferences extends its warm welcome to all the Palliative caregivers, Hospices, Nobel laureates, Nurses, Palliative care Physicians, Speakers, Delegates, and Junior Scholars, Anaesthesiologists,  Pain Specialists, Grief Counsellors, pain Medication to improve the Quality of life to this leading Royal tourist destination.

         Care is provided to Patients with Serious illness or Life-threatening disease to improve the Quality of life. Palliative care adds an extra layer of support to both the patient and their family. The Goal of palliative care approach is to prevent and treat the signs and side effects of disease and its medication in addition to social, physical, psychological, and Spiritual needs which is also called Comfort Care, Supportive care, and Symptom Management. The specially trained Palliative care physicians can help in severe pain and symptom management which is caused by serious illness, such as cancer. The medication of the palliative approach is simple and likely to be Non-traumatic. The pain assessment of hospice care allows the development of methods to manage the pain and enhance the quality of life.

We believe you will love and relish the meeting and we are looking forward to welcoming you to Italy!

Details of Euro Palliative Care 2019 in Venice, Italy:

Conference Name Place Date
Euro Palliative Care 2019 Venice, Italy September 13-14, 2019


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