Petroleum 2019

Dec 02-03, 2019



Conference on Petroleum 2019


On behalf of the lexis we take great pleasure in welcoming leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars, students and experts of application fields to Dubai for the Petroleum 2019 Conference during December 02-03, 2019 serving  all areas of the oil and gas industry; including petroleum geosciences, exploration & production and refining & petrochemical products and services.

About Conference

Petroleum comes from various substances such as natural gas and oil from which different products are as: kerosene, gasoline, lubricating oil, diesel oil, wax, and asphalt. These substances are mainly compounds of derived, such only two elements: carbon and hydrogen are therefore called as hydrocarbons. Petroleum plays a major part of the chemical makeup of various plastics and synthetics. Petroleum is formed by hydrocarbon pyrolysis in a variety of endothermic reactions at high temperature and pressure.

This conference provides a platform for all important areas of petroleum engineering including Petrophysics, drilling and production engineering, completions, testing and evaluation, reservoir engineering and management, unconventional oil and gas reservoirs, manufacturing technology, petroleum construction and design, enhanced recovery, geochemistry, petroleum economics, geomechanics, mathematical modeling, transportation, materials and corrosion control, operations and maintenance.

Why Attend

  • Expand your knowledge and learn beyond your field of interest
  • Discover successful and new applications, solutions and technologies that can be implemented across the Petroleum value chain
  • Network with key industry leaders and distinguished experts and peers from global organizations

Market Analysis for petroleum

Petroleum is a leading global energy asset for materials and chemicals production. Petroleum is represented by more than 30% of the worldwide total primary energy supply. Petroleum industry comprises of companies that operate by extraction, refinement, supply, exploration, and transportation of oil-based products to the extensive variety of industries. The oil and gas industry comprises the wide range of different activities and processes which mutually contribute to the transformation of underlying petroleum assets into useable end-products valued by industrial and private customers.

Petroleum industry capital uses are relied upon to increment by as much as 7 percent in 2017. It's conceivable that we may see a spike in oil costs at some point in the following five to 10 years — if, due to the break of interest in significant ventures since 2014, the industry thinks that it’s hard to take care of expanding demand as indicated by Barclays' most recent E&P Spending Survey. An uptick in exchanging movement could in itself drive up oil costs fundamentally in the three-to-five-year time period. Oil and gas organizations should guarantee that their plans of action are set up to oversee and advantage from this unpredictability.

Details of Petroleum Conference 2019 in Singapore:

Conference Name Place Date
Petroleum 2019 Singapore Dec 02-03, 2019

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