May 11-12, 2020


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Global Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Summit 2019

LexisConferences officially orchestrating Global Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Summit which is scheduled to be held during November 20-21, 2019 at Toronto, Canada. In the light of theme, Assessment & Advancements in the field of Pharmabiotechnology  the Conference aims to provide a forum for international researchers from various areas of pharmaceutical, biotechnological mastery where Academicians: University Faculties, pharmaceutical research, biopharmaceutical  industry practitioners, Manufacturing Medical Device and Data Management Companies, private, public investors and government agencies are contributing existing mastery & collaborating to nurture subject knowledge to accelerate innovations by providing a platform for critical analysis of new data, and to share latest cutting-edge research findings and results about all aspects of Pharma Biotechnology. This meeting will be a multidisciplinary gathering and present major areas in the field of Bio Pharma. 

Attending Pharma biotech 2019 is the best chance to get the introduction to an assortment of perspectives and open you to better approaches for leading your business, hone your aptitudes with new thoughts and methodologies, meet your business icons. Incredibly famous speakers, the latest procedures, strategies, and the most upto date refreshes in fields are signs of this meeting.

The Global Biopharmaceutical Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 10.1% over the next decade to reach approximately $459.81 billion by 2025. Today biopharmaceuticals generate minimum global revenue of USD 215 million for the year 2018 and is projected to reach more than USD 269 billion by the year 2021 with 5.76% CAGR during the forecast period.

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