2nd World Wide Congregation on Physics

May 25-26, 2020


Rome, Italy

On behalf of LexisConferences, it is my pleasure to invite all the great scientists, academic people, industrialists as well as researchers from all over the world to attend the 2nd World Wide Congregation on  Physics which is going to take place in Rome, Italy during May 25-26, 2020 widely known as Physics 2020.  

This conference first started in 2019 and was held in Zurich, Switzerland witnessed 30 attendees with almost 35 talks; continuing the Physics conference is back to back tremendous successes we received a huge response for Physics 2019. Physics conference shared an insight into the recent research and cutting edge technologies in Physics which gained immense interest with the colossal and exuberant presence of adept, young and brilliant researchers, business delegates and talented student communities representing more than 22 countries.

Based upon the strong success of this series of physics conference, a new conference will be held in Rome, Italy. The Physics 2020 meeting’s goal is to bring together, once-more, a multi-disciplinary group of scientists and engineers from all over the world to present and exchange break-through ideas relating to the Physics.  It seeks to promote top-level research and to globalize quality research in general, thus making discussions, presentations more internationally competitive and focusing attention on the recent outstanding achievements in the field of Physics, and future trends and needs.

We’re looking forward to another excellent meeting with great scientists from different countries around the world and sharing new and exciting results in Physics, which will be held in Rome, Italy from May 25-26, 2020. Do not miss out on taking part in this exciting event.

The Venue of the conference Rome, Italy makes this event more exciting. The Italy capital is renowned for its excellent varieties of attractions, its flourishing cultural scene and a way of life that's both fast-paced and relaxed. It is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Europe. With its ever-changing life it's hard to keep up with even a fraction of what is going on in the city. Currently, people look to Rome for the latest trends in lifestyle, music and art. Inspired by this outpouring of creativity, growing statistics of artists are arriving in the city from around the world, making it one of Europe's most exciting destinations.

Details of Physics 2020 in Italy:

Conference Name Place Date
Physics 2020 Rome, Italy

May 25-26, 2020

Besud Erdeni


Chuluunbat Erdenee, born 16 August, 1945, studied physics at the Tashkent State University (Uzbekistan) and geophysics at the Polytechnique Institute. Worked in geology and mining. Completed compulsory three year army service. He was lecturing parttime on the fundamental problems of physics for university students and general audience. Author of books on the history of civilization in the post-glacial period. During 1971-2000 was employed by the Mongolian National New Agency. In 1987 Erdenee published a philosophical article titled The point and the Universe which did lead to the superunified field theory he elaborated during 1998-2018 and proposed to the world scientific community.

Researches :

  • Physics, pure mathematics, history of civilization No funding source so far
Amlan K Roy


Dr.  Amlan. K. Roy completed his PhD in theoretical chemistry from Panjab University, in India. Later he pursued his post-doctoral research in a number of places in North America, such as University of New Brunswick (Fredericton, Canada), University of Kansas (Lawrence, USA), University of California (Los Angeles, USA), University of Florida (Quantum Theory Project). His primary research interest is to develop methods for electronic structure and dynamics of many-electron systems, within the broad domain of density functional framework. Presently he is an Associate Professor at IISER Kolkata. He has published nearly eighty  research papers and book chapters in reputed journals. He has been serving as a reviewer in several renowned journals. His biography has been included in 63rd Edition of Marquis Who’s Who in America, 2009. In 2012 he has edited a book entitled “Theoretical and Computational Developments in Modern Density Functional Theory”.

Program Overview