World Summit on Polymer Chemistry and Metallurgy

Aug 02-03, 2019


Chicago, United States of America

LexisConferences welcomes all the contributors and accelerators of polymer chemistry and materials engineering and science to participate at our upcoming World Summit on Polymer Chemistry and Metallurgy during August 02-03, 2019 Chicago, USA which includes prompt Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Video presentations, Poster presentations, and Exhibitions.

Each session of the meeting will be included with expert lectures, poster and discussions, join us to design sustainable development processes, innovations by which and how these strategies drive new policies, advances the business and sustainability in drug production for further health care protection of lives. We are glad to invite you on behalf of organizing committee to join us, where you are the decision maker for the future.

Details of Polymer Chemistry  2019:

Conference Name Place Date
             Polymer Chemistry 2019                    Chicago, USA              August 02-03, 2019


Target Audience for Polymer Chemistry 2019:

Eminent Scientists/ Research Professors, Junior/Senior research fellows, Students, Polymer chemists, Directors, CEO of Polymer research companies, Chemical Engineers, Members of different physics and Chemistry associations, HOD’S, Principal Investigators from universities in the field of Polymer Science, Material Science and Materials Engineering.

Conference Highlights:

  • Synthetic Polymers
  • Macromolecular Polymer Structure
  • Functional Polymers
  • Biocatalysis in Polymer Chemistry
  • Bio-related Medical Polymers
  • Polymers in Biochemistry
  • Polymer Synthesis and Polymerization
  • Recent Advances in Polymer Chemistry
  • Polymer Therapeutics: Concepts and Applications
  • Polymer Material Science and Engineering
  • Biochemical-Biodegradation of Polymers
  • Solid Waste Management of Polymers
  • Polymer Nanotechnology
  • Polymeric Material Chemistry and Physics
  • Energy, Optics, and Optoelectronics
  • BioPlastics

Why to attend???

World Summit on Polymer Chemistry and Metallurgy which is going to be the biggest meeting dedicated to polymer chemistry focusing on ‘’Advanced and Recent developments in the area of Polymer Synthesis and characterization’’ and provides a premier technical forum for reporting and learning about the latest research and development, along with discussing new applications and technologies. Events include hot topics presentations from all over the world and professional networking with industries, leading working groups and panels.

Major Associations of Polymer Chemistry:

  • British Plastics Federation
  • European Council for Plasticizers and Intermediates
  • American Coatings Association
  • American Chemical Society (Division of Polymer Chemistry)
  • American Physical Society Division of Polymer Physics (APS DPOLY)
  • Polymer Division of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI Polymer Division) 
  • Belgian Polymer Group (BPG)
  • Brazilian Polymer Association
  • European Polymer Federation
  • Bioenvironmental Polymer Society   


Major sessions may include the following but not confined to:

Polymer Chemistry 2019 is comprised of the following sessions with 16 tracks and 80 sub-sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues of Polymer Chemistry 2019

Track1: Polymer Synthesis and Polymerization

  •     Structure and properties of a single polymer chain
  •     Synthesis of addition polymers
  •     Template polymerization
  •     Controlled polymerization
  •     Stimuli-responsive polymer surfaces synthesis
  •     Statistical analysis of polymers
  •      Recent advances in polymer synthesis

Track 2: Recent Advances in Polymer Chemistry

  • Enhanced tumor-targeted gene delivery
  • Polymers for tissue engineering
  • Multifunctional lanthanide coordination polymers
  •  Recent advances in regenerated cellulose materials
  • Polymers with upper critical solution temperature in alcohol
  • Characterization of polymers

Track 3: Polymer Material Science and Engineering

  • Building engineering
  • Forensic engineering
  • Optoelectronic and magnetic materials
  • Materials for Energy
  • Structural materials
  • Graphene and fullerenes

Track: 4 Polymer Nanotechnology

  • Preparation of nano-particles by emulsion polycondensation
  • Polymer technology
  • Polymer–nanoshell composites for photothermally drug delivery
  • Synthesis and characterization of polymer nanocomposites
  • Application of novel polymeric nanoparticles
  • Conjugated polymers for photovoltaic devices

Track: 5 Synthetic Polymers

  • Mechanochemical  modeling of synthetic polymers
  • Uses of synthetic polymers in daily life
  • Synthetic polymers with intrinsic anticancer activity
  • Thermal decomposition of cellulose/synthetic polymer
  • Synthetic polymers used in biopharmaceutical delivery
  • Synthetic organic polymers are human-made
  • Novel synthetic and polymerization methods

Track: 6 Macromolecular Polymeric Structure

  • Polymeric mixtures
  • Solid state properties of polymers
  • Complex macromolecular architectures
  • Supramolecular polymer chemistry and self-assembly
  • Macromolecular structure in the design of polymer membranes
  • Molecularly imprinted polymers for separation
  • Synthesis of microporous organic polymers for separation

Track 7: Functional Polymers

  • Conjugated polymers for optoelectronics and electronics
  • Method for the preparation of end‐functional polymers
  • Synthesis of chiral and racemic functional polymers
  • Reactive and functional polymers
  • Additives for polymers

Track 8: Biocatalysis in Polymer Chemistry

  • Synthetic polyester-hydrolyzing enzymes
  • Production of a polyester degrading extracellular hydrolase
  • Functional characterization of synthetic polyester
  • Enzymes for the biofunctionalization
  • Smart nanotubes for bioseparations and biocatalysis
  • Polymers for catalysis and energy applications
  • Catalysis by polymer-metal complexes

Track 9: Bio-related Medical Polymers

  • Bioactive and biocompatible polymers
  • Recombinant Elastomeric Protein Biopolymers
  • Role of water molecules at bio-interface of medical polymers
  • Binary CaO–SiO2 gel‐glasses for biomedical applications
  • Biomedical hydrogels and applications

Track 10: Polymers in Biochemistry

  • Development and evaluation of novel microparticles
  • Preparation of peg/chitosan biocomposites
  • Molecularly imprinted hydrogels as potential carriers
  • Spray dried hydroxyapatite-polymer composites
  • Schematic models of biochemical polymers
  • Polymer microfluidic chips for biochemical analyses
  • Reactions and chemistry of polymers

Track 11: Polymer Therapeutics: Concepts and Applications

  • Peptide-based polymer therapeutics
  • Polymersomes as polymer therapeutics for drug delivery
  • Polymer therapeutics as nanomedicines
  • Challenges in polymer therapeutics
  • Polymers for drug-protein conjugates

Track 12: Biochemical Degradation of Polymers

  • Microbial degradation of polymeric materials
  • Chemical and biochemical degradation of polymers
  • Hyperbranched polymers and polymer brushes
  • Kinetics of enzyme degradation of polymers
  • Erosion of biodegradable bulk-eroding polymers
  • Composites and hybrid materials based on polymers

Track 13: Solid Waste Management of Polymers

  • Recycling of plastic waste by density separation
  • Polymers in plastic industry
  • Growth opportunities in shifting polymers markets
  • Industry profitability for investments on polymers
  • Identify most cost-effective raw materials to use
  • Polymers in textile marketing

Track 14: Polymeric Material Chemistry and Physics

  • Condensed matter physics
  • Mechanics of materials
  • Graphene material science
  •  Modern materials chemistry
  • Applied physics

Track 15: Energy, Optics, and Optoelectronics

  • Advanced optical fibers
  • Quantum nano-optics
  • Optical products and market analysis
  • Lasers in dentistry
  • Photoelectronic devices and materials
  • Semiconductor nanostructures for electronics and optoelectronics

Societies in Asia and Pacific: Royal Australian Chemical Institute, Brazilian Chemical Society, Asian Polymer Association, Society of Chemical Industry, Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates,

Societies in Europe: Royal Society of Chemistry, European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences, European Federation of Chemical Engineering, Royal Institute of Chemistry

Societies in USA: ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry, American Chemical Society Division of Polymeric Materials, Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists,


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