Probiotics Prebiotics and Synbiotics

Dec 06-07, 2019






Healthy Gut for a Healthy Well Being

Food-Nutrition Team @ Lexis Conferences is pleased to announce, as part of their worldwide probiotics and microbiome Conference, the “Probiotics-Prebiotics-Synbiotics” which will be held during December 6-7, 2019 in the Singapore.

The Gut-Nutrition market, majority of which span in the developed is expected to grow fastest in the APAC region. With the rising demand for fortified nutrition associated with the beneficial microbes in the gut, Probiotics, Prebiotics and Synbiotics market is expected to experience a high growth, with global market crossing $60 billion within a decade. Increase in the Research funding and seed stage investments in the emerging bio-pharmaceuticals markets will help develop bio-incubation and thus foster the manufacturing establishments. This will give a boost to the Eastern, Developing and the APAC market as cause of manufacturing advantages, but the Developed Pan-American and the Western markets remains the hub for regulatory perspectives.

With the growing number of capital investors, the growth of start-ups and the seed-stage establishments will have a good number of Stake in the Probiotics, Prebiotics and Synbiotics market.

Program Overview