Conference on Quantum Physics and Technologies

CPD Accredited

Jul 17-18, 2019

Zurich, Switzerland

Conference on Quantum Physics and Technologies

LexisConferences is hosting its upcoming event i.e. Conference on Quantum Physics and Technologies on the theme Innovative Future Challenges in Advancement of Quantum Physics scheduled during July 15-16, 2019 at Zurich, Switzerland.

The two day conference includes activities like budding networking with your contemporaries in the same professional field, sharing ideas learning new innovations, problem solving techniques and camaraderie to support and grow in their individual careers.

The conference on Quantum Physics and Technologies is a self-governing meeting considered to be a distinguished in the field of Quantum physics conference that attracts renowned speakers, researchers, professionals and innovators across the field to showcase the applied content that helps the knowledge gap between diverse regions, there by catalysing the cross-functional collaboration.

The topics of the conference explore and cover broad range of themes and developments both from academia and business perceptions by bringing together diverse communities to share and debate the ideas. The sessions are informative and sufficient time is provided so that there can be a brief discussion among the presenters and the sessions participants.

Apart from usual Oral talks and Poster presentations this conference includes many interesting events like panel discussion sessions, Post-Doctoral Training session for Young Researchers as well as Young Researchers Session for the new enthusiastic persons who are interested to give an Oral/Poster Presentation on their work. Delegates can expect two days of scientific gathering with the Business professionals and as well as with academic people.

The meeting aims to provide a platform to bring together the researchers from various domains with interest in the field of Quantum physics and their technologies. Besides networking and interaction with the other researchers, Quantum Physics conference also provides you with a unique opportunity to explore the Zurich city which is famous for its Natural scenery, food and tourism.

We definitely hope to see you all to join us in Switzerland during July 2019 to attend the Quantum Physics and Technologies conference.

Details of Conference on Quantum Physics and Technologies 2019:

Conference Name Place Date
Conference on Quantum Physics and Technologies 2019 Zurich,Switzerland July 17-18, 2019

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