Radiology and Drug Carriers in Cancer Therapy

CME Accredited

May 15-16, 2019

Seoul, South Korea

Radiology and Drugs for Onco-Cancer

RADO 2019 is a global platform which serves an ideal environment for scientists, professors, researchers,  doctors. The conference theme includes “Steps Towards the Innovation of Radio Onco-Cancer drugs”. As the theme brings the idea of conducting research on cancer and the latest innovations taking place in the development of cancer drugs. This Conference also drives towards the new ideas for preventing the cause of cancer to mankind and the treatment of the Organ-related Cancers by using the effective drugs and its pioneering techniques.

The conference includes Oral talks, Poster presentations, Exhibitions, and prompt keynote presentations.

DETAILS OF Radiology and Drug Carriers 2019:

Conference Name RADO 2019
City & Country Seoul, South Korea
Day 1 15-May-19
Day 2 16-May-19

Program Overview