Euro Radiology and Anticancer Drugs

CME Accredited

Sep 09-10, 2019

London, United Kingdom

Conference on Radiology and Anti-Cancer Drugs

About Radiology Meetings 2019:

Euro Radiology 2019 is a trending event which brings together efficient international academic scientists, young researchers , students and experts of the field in London, UK for the “Euro Radiology and Anticancer Drugs” making the conference a perfect platform to share experiences, gain and evaluate emerging technologies of Drugs in Anti-Cancer Treatment and Radiology across the globe. Initiation of cross-border co-operations between scientists and institutions, it also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Radiology and Anti-Cancer Drugs. The collaborations among the participants from various countries at the conference will serve to generate knowledge based research among the radiology,anticancer drugs  researchers.

The Theme From Investigations to Insight :The Cutting Edge of contemporary Cancer Researchwill provide a stimulating scientific environment and a platform for the participants to share ideas and knowledge, collaborate on Radiology and Anti-cancer drugs related problems and network with other professionals. Discussing on various imperative topics will add an insight to contemplate and speak over bottom line of today’s scientific and technological perk up. It will be amazing opportunity for the attendees to explore the beautiful City of London with gaining knowledge, sure to raise insights, amalgamate present with future and cogitate on ideas and reality in conference. To fight against these hard to cure cancer diseases, Radio-Oncology has taken this initiative to explore every aspects of Radiology and Cancer research.

Learning Objectives:

As a result of attending the Lexis Conference, learners will be able to:

  • Interpret contemporary research findings on the prevention of and screening for Cancerous tumours and be able to appropriately implement these findings into clinical practice
  • Develop and utilize a systematic approach to the assessment of traumatic injuries and non-traumatic acute diseases, from head to toe.
  •  Examine the significance of Innovative approaches to the medical and Radiology management of Cancerous tumours within the context of the current standard of care and be able to integrate new therapies into analytic practice in an evidence-based manner
  • Understand and be better able to implement the requirements for delivering continuous high quality care in an emergency radiology service, as well as throughout the unique circumstances that accompany mass casualty incidents.
  •  Assess the implications for future research and clinical practice of new developments in translational research on Cancerous tumours
  • Demonstrate improvement in competence, performance and patient outcomes; and
  •  Identify and explain the latest trends in global research, methods, and technology in the treatment of Radiology and Anticancer Research.


We can’t wait to see you in London and to welcome you all personally as we work together to advance Radiology and anti-cancer Drugs and care and offer true hope to patients.

Market Analysis:

The global radiology information systems market is expected to reach $722.1 million by 2019 from $501.1 million in 2014, at a CAGR of 7.6% from 2014 to 2019.

Oct 22, 2018 -- The Global Radiology Market was valued at USD XX million in 2016, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% by 2025. The market is driven by rising prevalence of chronic diseases, increasing demand for minimally invasive procedures; technological advancements are expected to drive the growth of this market.


                                                       Global Radiology market Revenue


The Global Cancer Therapeutics Market was valued at $81,291 million in 2016 and is estimated to reach at $178,863 million by 2023, registering a CAGR of 11.9% from 2017 to 2023. Cancer therapeutics involves the use and administration of chemotherapy and oncology drugs to treat cancer.

Increase in cancer prevalence, surge in collaboration between pharmaceutical companies, and rise in cancer research are the key factors that augment the growth of the cancer therapeutics market. Furthermore, growth in geriatric population is expected to boost the market.

By 2021 global cancer therapy market is estimated to reach $52.2 billion with a rise in 17.6% CAGR. And by 2016 it has reached $30.8 billion with CAGR of 15% in the global cancer therapy market.



                                                                             Cancer  Therapy Market

We can’t wait to see you in London and to welcome you all personally as we work together to advance Radiology and anti-cancer Drugs and care and offer true hope to patients.

Details of Radiology Conference in 2019 in London, UK:

Lexis organizing Radiology Conference in 2019 in London. We organize Cancer Therapy Meeting in the fields related to it like Radiology, Oncology, Immunology and Chemotherapy.

Conference Name Place Date
Radiology and Anticancer Drugs Conference London, United Kingdom Sep 09-10, 2019

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