Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy

Jun 05-06, 2020


Zurich, Switzerland

Renewable Energy 2020

About Conference:

LEXIS would like to extend our warmest invitation to you to participate in the Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy conference 2020 scheduled in Zurich, Switzerland that is dedicated to advancing future energy solutions for the region. Renewable Energy 2020 promises to bring together the complete energy value chain in one unique meeting place and is the perfect platform for Researchers,  Academics, power producers and utility companies; clean-tech providers, service companies and engineering contractors to foster a secure, integrated energy companies, technology providers and entrepreneurs to affordable and low-carbon energy mix across globe.

Be part of Renewable Energy 2020 new meeting point for discuss debate and embrace future energy scenarios and solutions.

Renewable energy is energy produced from sources that do not deplete or can be replenished within a human’s life time. The most common examples include wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and hydropower. This is in contrast to non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels.

Wind energy is electricity created from a wind turbine it is an alternative to fossil fuels, is abundant, renewable, widely distributed, clean, produces no greenhouse gas creations during operation and uses little land when the wind blows it turns the blades of the turbine. As these blades turn, they spin generators to create electricity. The electricity is then sent to a transformer which increases the voltage and sends it to a distribution line. Next, local transformers reduce the voltage and send it to homes or businesses.

Details of Renewable Energy Conference 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland :

Conference Name Place Date
Environmetal Sciences and Renewable Energy2020

Zurich, Switzerland

June  05-06, 2020

Important and Scope:

Today’s challenge is to inspire the environmental science community through the interchange of knowledge and sharing of best practices in a global-scale context and toward advances for a low-carbon future. The aim of this conference is to promote environmentally safe and economically sustainable renewable energy, to create theoretical base of the utilization and implementation of renewable energy sources.

Program Overview