Respirology, Lung and Chest Physicians Meet 2019

Oct 09-10, 2019


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Conference on Respirology,Lung and Chest Physicians meet

LexisConferences pleased to invite you to participate in the ‘Respirology, Lung and Chest Physicians meet 2019 (RLCP2019)’ during October 9-10, 2019 at Abu Dhabi. Respirology, Lung and Chest Physicians meet 2019 Abu Dhabi is the International conferences which maintain together the who are at the forefront in the field of  Respiratory, Lung and Chest Physicians.  The schedule will include oral presentations, Distinguish lectures led by eminent scientists and poster sessions presented interactively by professors, assistant professors junior scientists and graduate students. It is the ultimate meeting place for all the Eminent worldwide for interdisciplinary scientific collaborations and networking. With its 20 Conferences Highlight’s, you are provided assurance to explore the latest technologies and breakthroughs that are specific to your area of work. No doubt the event has a broad scope of topics and continued in conferences sessions relative to the specific area of research.

Gain expert knowledge in new trends in Respiratory diseases management. Discuss the updated guidelines for treating community acquired Respiratory lung health. Discover the latest biological therapy in Respirology management. Understand how to handle the challenges concerned with severe COPD patients. Review the applied allergic & Immunologic. Learn about pneumonia gold guidelines. Gain knowledge about new drug therapy for Respiratory diseases & Lung Diseases. Attend workshops to gain practical knowledge in different areas such as correct use of different inhaler devices, lung function testing and the allergy testing. Review updates on immunotherapy treatment for allergic and asthma. Acquire knowledge of essentials of pulmonary diseases. Network with your peers in the fields of COPD and Asthma to build relationships and exchange Knowledge.


Technologist can discuss the new upcoming medical devices to detect early stages of Respiratory Diseases with the help Radiologist, Allergist & Immunologist. Asthma & COPD patience can meet and discuss about their medical health with Pulmonologists. Research scientist & Respirologist can exchange their experiences as well as their research techniques to build an effective Respiratory Medicine. Gain knowledge in new trends in Respiratory Lung Health with Specialists. Enhance the opportunity to meet world international Respirologist, Chest Physicians, Intensivists, Surgeons and Medical Oncologist. Target audiences are Basic Research Scientist, Medical Students, Nurses, Pharmacist, Medical Interns, and Allied health Professionals.


As per the UAE census ten out of one is suffering from respiratory diseases or infection. Research in the field of Respirology and Chest Physicians contribute directly to world’s economy and development. The results of this research are associated to many regions like Respiratory medicine, Respirology lung health and Respiratory Critical care. The results of these researches and scientist are usually part of larger contributions to the world which are beneficial and important for human being in the whole world. Research on Respirology enhances our rational life and boosts our knowledge. The results of research on Respirology also tell us how to approach problems in Respiratory diseases, Lung health, and Advance respiratory medicine. The global respiratory diagnostics market is projected from 2016 to 2021 will be reaching USD 5.24 Billion from to USD 7.45 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 7.3% from 2016 to 2021. In this report, the global market is broadly segmented by product and test type, disease, service, end user, and region.




Conference Name



Respirology, Lung and Chest Physicians meet 2019

Abudhabi, UAE

09-10 Oct 2019





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