Smart Energy 2019

Sep 09-10, 2019

London, United Kingdom

Conference on Smart Energy 2019

About Conference:

LEXIS would like to extend our warmest invitation to you to participate in Smart Energy 2019 conference is a global conference held in London, Europe that is dedicated to advancing future energy solutions for the region. Smart  Energy 2019 promises to bring together the complete energy value chain in one unique meeting place and is the perfect platform for Researchers,  Academics, power producers and utility companies; clean-tech providers, service companies and engineering contractors to foster a secure, integrated energy companies, technology providers and entrepreneurs to affordable and low-carbon energy mix across globe.

Be part of Smart Energy 2019 new meeting point for discuss debate and embrace future energy scenarios and solutions.

Smart energy is a cost-effective and sustainable energy system in which renewable energy production, infrastructures, and consumption are integrated and coordinated through energy services, active users, and enabling technologies. Many energy companies are moving over to smart meters, which allow service providers to remotely monitor the consumer’s consumption, connect, and even disconnect power. While smart energy gives insight to consumers on how they are using energy in an environment, it also gives hackers the chance to exploit any vulnerability that is there.  Smart meters still lack the proper security mechanisms to defend against these malicious threats. A smart grid is an electrical grid which includes a variety of operational and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficient resources.

Smart Energy 2019 conference is the peak industry for the solar, storage and smart energy industries. Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition 2018 is the 56th annual conference hosted by the Smart Energy Council, the peak industry for the solar, storage and smart energy industries. This event really is a showcase of the people, projects and products that are driving solar, storage and smart energy to new heights of innovation and excellence.

Market Analysis:

Technavio's statistical surveying expert predicts that the worldwide brilliant vitality market will develop at a fantastic CAGR of just about 15% amid the conjecture time frame. One of the essential drivers for this market is the rising interest in shrewd framework innovation. Rising populace in various nations has brought about expanded power utilization. Thus, nations like India, China, UK, and the US have been constrained to take advantage of inexhaustible wellsprings of vitality and are presently moving up to keen frameworks to take care of the rising worldwide demand for control. Keen frameworks are required to chop down misfortunes in the transmission and conveyance of influence and adjust the request and supply of power successfully. The net outcome is that interests in keen framework innovation have pushed the development of brilliant lattice IT frameworks as well. The development and establishment of shrewd frameworks have brought about the development of creative power supply innovations, which thus will positively affect the development of the savvy vitality advertise until the finish of 2020. In this industry report, the experts appraise factors like disseminated vitality sources (DERs) to assume an imperative part in the development of the keen vitality advertise throughout the following four years. DERs are little vitality sources that can be sent to take care of the normal demand for control.

Scope and Importance:

Smart Energy is nowadays one of the major challenges for most IT organizations that involve medium and large scale distributed infrastructures like Grids, Clouds and Clusters. The conference will focus on solutions for all aspects of green computing such as energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction and cooling management. The trade-offs between energy efficiency and performance has become key challenges that must be addressed in both, distributed and traditional performance-oriented infrastructures. Particularly relevant is the so-called Smart Grid technology, seeking to optimize distributed electricity generation, especially from renewable sources, and to promote the use of smart devices that require further research on distributed communications, energy storage and integrations of various sources of energy.

Details of Smart Energy Conference 2019 in London, UK:

Conference Name Place Date
Smart Energy 2019 London, UK September 09-10,2019
Pierluigi Siano
Department of Management Innovation Systems
University of Salerno


Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics Associate Editor of IET Renewable Power Generation Editor of Smart Cities, MDPI

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