World Congress and Expo on Cell and Stem Cell Research

Mar 16-17, 2020


Chicago, United States of America


The world best platform for all the researchers to showcase their research work through Oral/Poster presentations in front of the international audience, provided with additional opportunities for expanding their research work by conducting workshops and by exhibiting products. Cells and Stem Cell Conference famously known as  Stem Cell 2020 Chicago.

It gives you the global exposure and helps to associate with the present and potential researchers who discover novel techniques through stem cells and its applications with This meet enlightens the latest treatment advancements in Cell & Stem Cell Research around the globe who concentrates on growth about ongoing advances like first stage analysis treatment etc. This is the best chance to achieve the biggest array of members.

This conference invites Cell biology and Stem cell researchers, Oncologists, Academicians, Physicians, Academic scientists, Radiologists, Chemo therapists, Industry professionals, Head of the departments, Directors, Clinical Professionals, Young researchers, Postgraduates, Trainees and all stem cell Researchers. It also gives the best opportunity to the Business professionals to represent their company.

Stem Cells 2020 Chicago cordially conducted by the LexisConferencesConferences in Chicago, USA on March 16-17, 2020 mainly focuses on and cure for genetic disorders and treatment through the regenerative medicine The congress runs with the theme “Stem Cell Research- Hope against hype”.

Ten years in public health

The beginning of the 21st century, at the point when the Millennium Development Goals were advanced as the larger structure for improved collaboration, the epidemics of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Tuberculosis, and Malaria were raging out of the control. The yearly number of preventable maternal had been stuck over 10 million for decades. Crisis activity was required. Then the global health initiatives that were set up to pursue the health-related goals eventually had a tremendous effect, readily measured in the number of interventions delivered, deaths averted and lives prolonged. All of these initiatives depended on well-functioning health systems to deliver medical commodities, yet rarely made the strengthening of health systems an explicit or funded objective. In many cases, weak public health infrastructures were simply bypassed through the construction of parallel systems for the procurement and distribution of interventions, for laboratory services, and for budgeting, financing, and reporting. Source from World Health Organization (WHO)

Details of Stem Cell 2020 Chicago Conference, USA:

Conference Name



Stem Cell 2020 Chicago

Chicago, USA

March 16-17, 2020


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The worldwide stem cell market expected is required to enlist a CAGR of 15% amid the estimated time of 2018 – 2023. are unspecialized cells, which have a surprising property of forming into various types of cell composes, amid their initial life and development period the human body. When they isolate, every cell can possibly remain either the same or change into a particular cell compose. Along these lines, under certain physiologic or trial conditions, these cells can be instigated to end up tissue-particular or organ-particular with unique capacities.



Based on the worldwide undifferentiated organism treatment showcase is separated into two noteworthy classifications, to be specific, allogeneic foundational microorganism treatment and autologous undeveloped cell treatment. The allogeneic foundational microorganism treatment portion is required to order the biggest offer in the worldwide undifferentiated organism treatment showcase in 2016. This expansive offer can principally be ascribed to the rising commercialization of allogeneic immature microorganism treatment items, more extensive restorative utilizations of allogeneic undifferentiated organisms, simple generation scale-up process, and developing of clinical preliminaries identified with allogeneic undeveloped cell treatments.

The Global Stem Cell Market In Million's



Cells and Stem Cell  Conference famously known as Stem Cell 2020, Chicago.


Paul J Davis
Albany college of Pharmacy and Health sciences


Paul J Davis is a Professor of Pharmacy at Albany college of Pharmacy and Health sciences, and Chief Scientific Officer at Nano Pharmaceuticals LLC, Rensselaer, NY. He is former Chair at the Department of Medicine, Albany Medical College. As an Endocrine Researcher, he has co-authored 250 scientific publications and has co-edited two text books on Angiogenesis (Springer, 2013; Elsevier, 2016). He and Dr. Shaker Mousa described the thyroid hormone-tetrac receptor on integrin αvβ3.

Diana Anderson
Biomedical Sciences
University of Bradford


Diana Anderson (H index 64) holds the Established Chair in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Bradford. She obtained her first degree the University of Wales and second degrees in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manchester. She has 500+ peer-reviewed papers, 10 books, 32 PhDs and 4 research Master degrees, is an Editorial Board Member of 10 international journals. She is Editor-in-Chief of a book series on Toxicology for the Royal Society of Chemistry. She gives plenary and keynote addresses at various international meetings. She is a consultant for many international organizations, including WHO, EU, NATO, TWAS, UNIDO and OECD.

Researches :

  • Cancer, oxygen radicals, human biomonitoring, unbalanced precursor pools, dietary imbalance, male-mediated developmental defects, Nanotoxicology, general toxicology
Magnus S Magnusson
University of Iceland


Magnus S Magnusson completed his PhD in 1983 from of Copenhagen. He is a Research Professor and creator of the T-system model and algorithms implemented in Theme™. He focuses on real-time organization of behavior, co-directed a two-year DNA analysis project, and published numerous papers. He gave invited talks at numerous conferences (including AIMS, IFNA, Neurotalk, Proteomics) and universities in Europe, USA and Japan. He is Deputy Director  between 1983 and 1988, Anthropology Laboratory, Museum of Natural History, Paris. He is a repeated  invited Professor at Universities of Paris (V, VIII, XIII). Since 1991, he is Founder and Director of the Human Behavior Laboratory, University of Iceland. Since 1995, he on collaboration between 24 universities based on “Magnusson’s Analytical Model” initiated at the Sorbonne, Paris.

Marwa M Elmaghrabi
Alexandria Faculty of Medicine


Marwa M. Elmaghrabi is currently a permanent researcher of stem cells and tissue culture labs at Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University, Egypt (official). Quality and infection control advisor at Canadian Academy for Science, ISO 9001:2015 lead auditor, PhD (Scholar) Alexandria University, M.SC (Microbiology, 2012). She accumulated 10-Years of experience in quality, and infection control at health care and research organizations.

She participated in a lot of international and regional conferences as a speaker and moderator. She contributed to PAN-African and electronic network project as online broadcasting lecturer. She served as member of Arab QOSH of Safety professional’s experts.

Program Overview