Why must visit Toronto

Interesting Facts About Toronto

Toronto, in addition to the largest city of Canada, has also been named under the category of most desirable destination among one of the most travelled cities across the globe. The Canadian nation has just celebrated its 150th birthday, accounting for a record number of visits to the beautiful city of Toronto.

When comes to Sky Scrapper, Toronto is the home for the CN towers, which ones was tallest free standing structure on land raising to 1,814 ft. The list is succeeded by The One and First Canadian Place.

Toronto is also home for festivals during the happy summer season, many of which are even free to attend. In addition to these free festivals there are a couple of dozens of places to visit including galleries, design houses, foodie spots, and parties.

To start with visiting places, Distillery District could be the first to start with. It is a flap with numerous industrial warehouses, along with a good number of art galleries, architectural beauty and fashion stores with great design.

The next good and variety spot to visit would be the Dundas Street West. Here you can find the Chinatown flavours and the colourful bustle. The street also holds city’s young creativity including around art galleries, record stores, design houses, boutique hotels, and independent coffee shops, ranging to a whooping number 300.

The catch of town would be the most famous Toronto Film Festival. The Film Festival runs through the entire summer, featuring alternate electronic and dance events and festivals. These events run through the open public places, with few surprise places as well, and mist of these are free to attend. The Film Festival brings on the beautiful colorful summer festive mood to the Torontonians.

The big catch of the Film Festival are Electric Island, Digital Dreams, and Diplo’s annual Mad Decent Block Party.

Arts lovers round the globe check-in most during the mid-summer in the month of June. This min-summer holds a 17-day festival Luminato. Luminato fest runs in Toronto's theatres, and public places in the parks, and most events in the fest are free to attend.

Toronto’s creative fest are supplemented with glowing shopping streets, with hand-made foot wear, plaid flannel, and knitwear, be among the most appreciated and shopped.

The festive and shop city of Toronto, also holds many visiting places close to nature. One of such is the Toronto Islands. Toronto Islands, located in the west of Lake Ontario, is a chain of tiny islands offering a good parkland to bike or hike, and sandy beaches.

Toronto is not just named for the Foodie jaunts, the modern city also preserves the culture, and keep the same with food as well. Boralia, the restaurant will offer you a modern take-on to the traditional recipes of old settlers and immigrants from the 18th and 19th centuries. Boralia just not offers the traditional tastes, but also comfort with homely classics and a fine-dining.

After all the good break do not forget to visit The Hammam Spa. Hammam Spa is a sanctuary in the trendy King West. The spa is built on the philosophy of traditional Turkish Baths, which are still prominently found through Europe and the Middle East. the Stillwater Spa offers traditional Swedish massage techniques alongside city restoration facials the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Gallery of Inuit Arts and the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic art. the city is taken over by contemporary artists during Nuit Blanche, an all-night arts festival that runs from dusk until dawn.

Edgewalk is the world’s highest full-circle, hands-free walk, located around the top of the CN Tower’s main pod. This one-of-a-kind experience puts you at the top of one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, which also happens to be the city’s most prominent attraction. Beyond Edgewalk, you can enjoy the cityscape and the view of Lake Ontario

Throughout the summer, there are numerous scenic spots playing free outdoor movies across Toronto. Our nightlife is unlike any other, and has something to offer for everyone

Multiple movies and TV shows are shot here in Toronto, like suits and Suicide Squad!


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