The Water Microbiology 2019

Oct 07-08, 2019

Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates

Water Microbiology and Water Reuse Technologies Meeting

WATER, which is the most crucial element to survive life, has also been dangerous at the same time when it comes to natural calamities. Water always supported the growth of many types of microorganisms. Considering some beneficial microbes, for example, the chemical activities of certain strains of yeasts provide us with beer and bread. As well, the growth of some bacteria in contaminated water can help digest the poisons from the water.

Many microorganisms are found naturally in fresh and saltwater. These include bacteria, cyanobacteria, protozoa, algae, and tiny animals such as rotifers. These can be important in the food chain that forms the basis of life in the water. For example, the microbes called cyanobacteria can convert the energy of the sun into the energy it needs to live. The plentiful numbers of these organisms, in turn, are used as food for other life. The algae that thrive in water is also an important food source for other forms of life.

However, the presence of other disease-causing microbes in water is unhealthy and even life-threatening. For example, bacteria that live in the intestinal tracts of humans and other warm-blooded animals, such as Escherichia coli, SalmonellaShigella, and Vibrio, can contaminate water. If faeces enter the water, contamination of drinking water with a type of Escherichia coli known as O157:H7 can be fatal. Natural water disasters have been changing the phase of our water world, costing many lives with emerging risks of waterborne diseases and contaminants.

Water so far has raised the bar with its regular impacts. We are here to redefine and rebuild your Water World based on the recent studies and researches of the selected innovative minds, which helps us to boost the bars of human welfare and sustainability towards Sustainable Future with all the developed Science & Technology.

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Details of Water Microbiology and Reuse Technologies Meeting in Abudhabi, UAE:

Conference Name Place Date
Water Microbiology Abudhabi, UAE October 07-08, 2019